Tuesday, January 5, 2010

twenty ten or two thousand and ten?

I just learned this morning in the shower while listening to the radio that the correct way to pronounce this year is not two thousand and ten, but instead is twenty ten.  I know this is not a new topic for those of you who actually pay attention to what is happening outside of their world, but I have been on Christmas Break from work.

Each year for this break, I make a habit of disappearing from the world by becoming blissfully ignorant of what is happening around me.  How do I do this.... easy!  I don't listen to the radio (Christmas Carol station  or ipod only for me), I don't watch any local, national or international news, and I don't read the newspaper.  My husband becomes increasingly frustrated at my inability to communicate with him on these levels during this time. To be honest with you, it kind of feels like a drug to be so stupid/numb in the brain about the world around you.  I find that in many ways I am a nicer person because I am not stressed!

A bonus is that when I do surface, I am totally charmed by news stories that others are tired and bored of when I hear them.... thus my opening line to this entry!

On a side note, I am back to work after a hectic morning of dragging my ass out of bed, packing lunch, packing daycare bags, dropping off to daycare, and making that long ass drive to work without falling asleep in the car.  I almost made it to work on time!

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