Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend was a rough weekend for the little man.  LM managed to bump his head on every object that he possible could.  He managed to pinch his little fingers in every little tiny space and pulled every object down on himself that he could (including DVD cases, books, toys and a plant that he can apparently now reach).  At one point I found him behind the recliner presenting me with the perfect photo op.  LM on the ground, head cranked back, beer can (with koozie) locked and loaded into the guzzle position.  I missed the picture in my frantic scurry to make sure he didn't spill any beer on  himself or the carpet.  Here is the part where you ask yourself... spill any beer on  himself or the carpet??!! What about LM drinking beer??!!!  I still haven't shifted myself completely to that baby/kid world.  I still have one foot in the "don't waste the beer world".  Does this make me a bad Mommy?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Driving me crazy

There are many things in the world that drive me crazy.  I am sure that this blog will serve as a place for me to record all of my quirks and irks, so let's get started.

Having the same conversation over and over while the other person either 1. does not remember having the conversation or 2. pretends that they didn't have the conversation.

Let's examine why both reasons drive me crazy...
It is disrespectful to expect me to remember my life and your life.  It is disrespectful to me to have an active conversation with me and not remember it. 

By pretending you didn't have the conversation in total you make me feel like I am re-doing a part of my list that I have already checked off.  You make me feel like I am not important enough to listen to (and remember) when I feel that you are important enough for me to take a minute out of my busy day to tell you about what ever it is.

Am I irrational about some of this... sure!  However, in my mind, when I check things off, I check them off.  I don't want to have the same fricking conversation three times with the same person or three people.  I am a slack catcher.  It drives me crazy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts today.  You see, I live in the south and we have had horrible temperatures this past few weeks.  People down here just don't know how to handle it.  Pipes are bursting, cars are sliding on ice, and people are getting hurt.  This Saturday, three of my neighbors thought the ice on our neighborhood pond was frozen enough that they could play on it.  They were wrong.  One child survived, two did not.  I watched part of the rescue from my car since I could not get to my house, leaning into the back seat touching my baby to reassure myself that he was safe.  I saw a friend frantically looking for her two boys my heart stopping until they found each other.  I talked to other mothers and we instinctively reached out to touch each other- needing the human contact and reassurance.

Later that evening, the cars started.  One of the boys lives a few houses away from me and people came to show their respect.  Cars are parked all over the place- some nicely in line, some hodgepodge.  On Sunday the cars were still there and more people were visiting the lake area.  There are people who go to talk, sing, leave items and some just sit.  It is a steady stream of people visiting.

There are messages on facebook about loving your family and treating each day as if it is the last.  Messages about showing your love and support for the boys and for their families that are eloquent and that are awkward or simple.

This is my simple message.... My heart hurts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The baby has been feed his dinner, thrown it up (a texture thing), put to bed and now Momma is slightly ashamed to admit that she is kicked back in the recliner tossing back some cheese and crackers with a swish of coke (the real thing, not diet).  Much to my delight, there are several back to back episodes of Glee! on tonight so I can stay up late.  What more can be right with this world??!!!

I am sure that when I can't sleep tonight due to the intense sugar buzz and baby fussiness, I am going to look back and this moment and wonder exactly how many years ago it was that forgot that coke that late at night gives me heartburn, sugar buzzes me out like a drug, and no matter what that baby is going to get me up at least one time during the middle of the night to find that god damn binkie that is always on the floor under the exact center of the crib?

Nevertheless, I am totally happy and content at this moment and expect to have no regrets because all is perfect in my little world!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

twenty ten or two thousand and ten?

I just learned this morning in the shower while listening to the radio that the correct way to pronounce this year is not two thousand and ten, but instead is twenty ten.  I know this is not a new topic for those of you who actually pay attention to what is happening outside of their world, but I have been on Christmas Break from work.

Each year for this break, I make a habit of disappearing from the world by becoming blissfully ignorant of what is happening around me.  How do I do this.... easy!  I don't listen to the radio (Christmas Carol station  or ipod only for me), I don't watch any local, national or international news, and I don't read the newspaper.  My husband becomes increasingly frustrated at my inability to communicate with him on these levels during this time. To be honest with you, it kind of feels like a drug to be so stupid/numb in the brain about the world around you.  I find that in many ways I am a nicer person because I am not stressed!

A bonus is that when I do surface, I am totally charmed by news stories that others are tired and bored of when I hear them.... thus my opening line to this entry!

On a side note, I am back to work after a hectic morning of dragging my ass out of bed, packing lunch, packing daycare bags, dropping off to daycare, and making that long ass drive to work without falling asleep in the car.  I almost made it to work on time!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Who am I in 2010

Who am I or is it whom am I? Whatever... I can tell you who I am now.
I am....
  • A mother who's son has just learned how to crawl (God help me I can't keep up)
  • A professional in the higher education world (BIG U)
  • A professional who loves her job
  • A wife of 13 years who deeply loves her husband
  • An avid knitter
  • A competitive tennis player
  • A reader (miss my books with the little one)
  • A lover of all technology (gimme gadgets)
  • A first time blog owner
  • A person who is fascinated with other who seek self help in the world of reality TV (it never works out)
  • A TV junkie
  • A procrastinator
  • Someone who laughs when others fall (I love dumb humor and morbid humor)
  • A road rager (use your blinkers people)
  • Someone who needs more patience for incompetent people (If only I and a select few could run the world...)
  • An educated person (3 degrees... I still can't believe it)
  • A mess- emotionally and physically
  • I have no filter and need to think about things prior to expressing
  • Crafty

Who do I want to be in 2010? Well in a nut shell, I want to be the type of person who works to minimize their weaknesses and builds their strengths. I want to be a better mama, wife and friend to those around me. I want to finally take the time to be self-aware enough to change into a better person and set examples for those around me.