Monday, April 2, 2012

Bring-Your-Own-Easter-Egg Hunt

For the past few years, LM has invited his friends to a local park for a Bring-Your-Own-Easter-Egg Hunt.  The concept is simple.  Each kid brings 12 Easter eggs stuffed with little trinkets such as tattoos, stickers and stamps.  We try to avoid candy.  The kids arrive about 10:30 and play until about 11:00. That way if someone is running late, no big deal.  The kids then eat lunch (provided by their parents).  While they are eating their lunch, a few of the parents hide the eggs.  After eating, the hunt is on!  Each kid hunts for exactly 12 eggs and then stops.

It was a blast last year and a blast this year.  I hope you try this low stress way of celebrating Easter with your friends!
Checking out the loot.
The Gang!