Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The baby has been feed his dinner, thrown it up (a texture thing), put to bed and now Momma is slightly ashamed to admit that she is kicked back in the recliner tossing back some cheese and crackers with a swish of coke (the real thing, not diet).  Much to my delight, there are several back to back episodes of Glee! on tonight so I can stay up late.  What more can be right with this world??!!!

I am sure that when I can't sleep tonight due to the intense sugar buzz and baby fussiness, I am going to look back and this moment and wonder exactly how many years ago it was that forgot that coke that late at night gives me heartburn, sugar buzzes me out like a drug, and no matter what that baby is going to get me up at least one time during the middle of the night to find that god damn binkie that is always on the floor under the exact center of the crib?

Nevertheless, I am totally happy and content at this moment and expect to have no regrets because all is perfect in my little world!

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