Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hag- I mean bag follow-up

Hi- this is not an exciting post, but because I promised and that last 10% is hard for me, here is a post with how I store my plastic bags at work.  Feel free to skip this post :)

I tend to reuse a lot of plastic grocery bags.  I have reusable ones but sometimes I don't have them with me or just want the protection of a plastic bag.  I don't like to throw them away so when I use them to carry my lunch to work (I am classy like that) I need to have some place to store them that doesn't take up space.  He is my very, very, very unclassy way of storing them.
They are small and neat and tidy in my desk.  Here is how you fold them- I know you are excited....

Step 1) smooth the bag out flat
Step 2) fold in half and then half again so it looks like this (yeah, I shop at Wally World!)

Step 3) Take one of the bottom corners and fold it so it makes a triangle
Who's old hand is that.... it can't be mine because all of those veins make it look like my Mom's hand

Step 4) Take the far left point of the triangle and fold it over like your are turning a book page.  This makes the triangle thicker with another layer of bag. It will look  like this.
There is my Mom's hand again (crazy)

Step 5) Keep folding until you get to the handles.

 Can you see where I took my wedding ring off up there?  I ate Mexican and my hands swelled from the sodium (I am very sensitive like that)

Step 6) On the side of the triangle closest to the handle you should be able to see where you can pull out the plastic to make a pocket.  Pull this out.
Step 7) Tuck the handles in and work them around so that you have a nice plastic triangle or a slightly puffy one like this one.

This way, I can throw a couple in my desk or throw them in my purse to take home to use for daycare and they don't take up any space!

Was this awesome or what?!!?? To my one follower ( there are two signed up but it really is only one person with a split blog personality) don't you totally want to sit down and immediately do this to all of your plastic bags?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spilled Milk

So back when LM was a wee one- a left over, half filled bottle spilled in the barely 3 minute ride from daycare to the house.  Spilled. on. the. carpet. of. the. car- milk.all.over!  Apparently the lid was not on correctly.  We all have had these accidents with those bottle caps!

Lesson learned so now ALL leftover food containers travel to and from in a plastic bag.  I know I drive daycare crazy with this quirk but what ever, I am a nice parent besides this (or at least I think I am, they might say something else about me).  So, now I kill two birds with one stone and recycle grocery bags into daycare food bags.  For the longest time I kept them in a mason jar on my counter so I could get one at any time.  This was cute, but didn't hold many bags and although I like it, I have been searching for a new container.

My temporary solution is to use one of the many wipes cases we have around the house.  However, I am not a fan of 1)the look and 2) having things unlabeled

Here is what I did-
I took some black contact paper (only color I had around)

eyeballed it and started cutting and adhering to the wipes case.
This is what I got
I now need to add a cute but yet streamline label and stuff with bags!

I know I could have gone all out and decoupaged it or painted it, but that just seemed like such a big commitment to a temporary solution.  I am the 90% completion queen and wanted to finish this and move on!

I figure that when I find my final solution I can put latex gloves in it that we keep stored in the garage.

What do you keep your plastic bags in- I want something that the LM can't get into and pull them all out!   Next week I will show you how I store my plastic bags at work!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

End of Summer Fun

Well here it is the end of the summer and we are almost out of fun water toys.  I know everyone has probably seen these around the internet this summer as they seem to be pretty popular.  I first ripped this out of the magazine Family Fun, but it is also ALL over Pinterest (if you are not on, you need to be).

Anyway... today was a nice, crazy humid, overcast Georgia day perfect for hitting the pool for a few hours.  Perfect because I wouldn't scorch to death and it would give us a much needed break from potty training.  Prior to going, LM and I made a few of these.  They are super easy!

Supplies- 3-4 sponges, dental floss or any other strong thread or string and scissors

  • Take your sponges and cut into strips- I cut into four strips but you can do five if you want.
You can see I had a little helper in this picture.
  • Stack them on top of each other and tie with string- I don't have a picture of this as someone was grabbing at the strips to practice counting and colors so I had to act fast.
  • Double tie the string to make sure it is as tight as you can get it!
  • Go play and have some fun!

The best thing about these (besides being cool and fun to play with) is that you can just throw them in the dishwasher when they get nasty!!!

Now go out and have some fun with your little ones!

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Monday, August 1, 2011


I have been reading a blog called Recipe for Crazy and every week they have a word of the week. You are supposed to link to a photo that you have taken that symbolizes that word to you. I have been lurking on this blog for a LONG time and this is the first time that I really thought of a picture that resonates with the word.... the word is JAM. Well here is my picture.
 This was LM's first birthday and I think it not only captures the word (as in jam it in) but also captures the pure joy that my son felt at this point.  He was sooo happy and sooo messy!  I am proud of us as parents because we were able to hold back the urge to clean him and to let him go crazy!