Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Peak

Every year we do Halloween cards instead of Christmas cards.  Here is a sneak peak for this year.

Halloween Bat Party Halloween
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It is Potty Time!!!

Well, not really but sort of.  LM's daycare has been putting him on the potty (not that he does anything on it) so we thought we might go ahead and get one for home to stay consistent with the program.  Much to our surprise, when we put several on the floor at the big box kids store, he jumped right on like he knew what he was doing- thank god because I no longer squat when I pee.  Apparently the dumb parents didn't give the smart kid enough credit!  Due to a poor selection and my unwillingness to purchase a potty that sings when you pee in it, we ended getting one that was in a box and didn't have a sample out.  Of course when we got home, LM was all about the new potty- pulling it out of the box and climbing up on it.. yes, you heard me- climbing up on it.  This thing must have been 2 1/2 feet off the ground!  All of the other are a scant few inches off... so low to the ground that both Big Daddy and I were afraid to get down that low to demonstrate how to use it for fear we would never get back up.  We now realize that if he can't get up on it, he can't use it (the same reason we hide all of the step stools in the house) so off we go to return it back to the store.

We have no real hurry in getting a potty.  LM is interested insomuch that he  tries to put his head in the back of the toilet every time I use it and he laughs hysterically at me.  Really not a confidence booster for me.  Other then that, he is about 20 months old and likes to hand the TP to me.

My question for my one follower and the 14 visitors I have had in the past 2 months, what is the best kind of potty to get for a boy?  Big Daddy (also code for OCD Daddy) is in the camp that it needs to have a pee pee guard that goes up to the Little Man's chest.  I want to be able to rinse the pee container out so it needs to be separate.

Throw a little love my way and let me know what kind you like... or just ask your friends to visit my blog and let me know what kind they like..... would ya please!!!