Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend was a rough weekend for the little man.  LM managed to bump his head on every object that he possible could.  He managed to pinch his little fingers in every little tiny space and pulled every object down on himself that he could (including DVD cases, books, toys and a plant that he can apparently now reach).  At one point I found him behind the recliner presenting me with the perfect photo op.  LM on the ground, head cranked back, beer can (with koozie) locked and loaded into the guzzle position.  I missed the picture in my frantic scurry to make sure he didn't spill any beer on  himself or the carpet.  Here is the part where you ask yourself... spill any beer on  himself or the carpet??!! What about LM drinking beer??!!!  I still haven't shifted myself completely to that baby/kid world.  I still have one foot in the "don't waste the beer world".  Does this make me a bad Mommy?

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  1. NO!! RT would nominate you for an award of some kind.


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