Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potty! and Strawberries!

It was a BIG day here in our house today! LM and I were hacking around in the morning and all of the sudden, he looked at me and said, "Potty NOW", so off we went. He sat there for hours- so long that I had to get some new books for his book basket as per his request.

Finally, we got our pee!

After a phone call to TH to celebrate with a round of pee, pee in the potty (if you don't know the song, I am sure you can imagine it), we got dressed for the day and loaded up in Mama's Truck, to go pick some strawberries.

I can't tell you how unbelievably well behaved my son was. It must be in his blood to pick strawberries. My Mother took us kids (5 of us plus what ever neighborhood kids were around) to go picking every year. We would spend hours picking flats of strawberries to make into jam for eating throughout the year and for giving as gifts. Such a simple thing, but I have been excited about passing this tradition onto my son. He stayed near me as I picked like crazy thinking I was on limited time. He spent his time helping me pick the red ones and pointing out the no-no ones (green or rotten). As I left each bucket or flat behind, he got concerned about it and would go back to check on it. He also would drag the small backpack along the ground to me. (Yes, I now use a small backpack as a diaper bad so my son can wear it and carry it around like a Sherpa.)

 Also it helped that Mama let him eat as many strawberries as he wanted. A wonderful time was had by all and I now have new memories in my memory bank.  Especially this one!

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