Monday, April 18, 2011

Part 2 of 2

Wrapped Candy Treats Part 2 of 2
Ok here we go for Part 2.  This is really short and sweet.
To recap, you have created your label template, added your background and circle.  You also should have grouped your background and circle together so that they don’t slip and slide around.  We are now going to draw the dotted line and then add the text.
Dotted Line
If you don’t want to add the line in the center, then go to the next section for adding text.
1.    Under your same drawing or object pallet that you used to draw your circle, you should be able to select a line style.  I selected the plain line, but if you want and arrow or what ever then go for it!

2.    Go ahead and draw your line on your label. It will show up in the default color and style.
3.    Double click on the line to see this formatting window.

4.    Pick the style you like.  I picked a black line, dashed and a 2.0 thickness, but go with what you like.

5.    Move the line to the center of the circle. Here is what it should look like.  

6.    Your last step here is to select your rectangle (already grouped with your circle) and your line at the same time and right click to group them together so they don’t slip and slide!

Adding your Text
The text is added by using a text box.  I used two text boxes, one for each initial.  Obviously, you could use one text box, like I did for the date or for the “thanks” Here is how you do it- remember it might be slightly different for each version of word.  If you are unsure of where the feature is on your version then use your handy dandy search button.
1.    Under the “Insert” menu (at the top of your menu bar), select textbox.
2.    Go ahead and draw your box to be about the size you want it
3.    Add your letter.  Your letter is not going to be on it’s side like the one here.  To do this, you need to either go back to your tool pallet or right click on the textbox to format it.  There will be an item for changing the direction of the text.  If you don’t see this, then search in your help area for “changing text direction”

4.    Select everything and right click to group again.
5.    Add your bottom letter and format again for text direction.

6.    If you only want to have one thing written such as the date or a little message, then you would only need one text box.

 Making copies of one label
Ok, last step here.  Lets make copies of the one label we have into the sheet.
Select your label and copy it using what ever command you want (right click, or keyboard command or what ever) go to the next label area and paste, making sure it all pastes correctly.  Also, you want to make sure they are all lined up in a nice neat row.
It should look like this!

 Peel and stick to a Hershey Nugget candy and you are crazy ready to go!

Have fun and feel free to drop a comment or email if you have any questions!

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