Friday, March 4, 2011


Yes, it is true, LM is two!  Yipee!  He has had many milestones this year.  This year he:
  • learned to walk
  • learned to talk
  • eat tons on new foods (loves raisins, homemade applesauce, pizza and anything with meat)
  • learned to jump
  • says "choo, choo"
  • became obsessed with anything train (love it when he gets all ocd and lines up everything he can get his hands on to create a train)
  • is obsessed with books
  • can hold an actual conversation
  • help put clothes in the dryer
  • loves bath time
  • fills my heart with love when he rubs his head against mine or places his tiny little hands on my cheek
  • rides his trike down the driveway
  • flirts with the ladies (any lady)
  • still has one blue eye and one that is half blue and half brown
  • still has his birth mark on his hand
  • rocks his ear tubes
  • sings!
  • hops!
Daddy and I love you Little Man!

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