Friday, March 18, 2011

Nap Mat!

Well hello.  We have been busy this week with a visit from the favorite Aunt and Cousin from MD as well as Gramie.  While we were having fun, LM came down with a nasty virus that lead us to aftercare with a very sad little boy.  Mama and Dada smelled like vomit and poop if that tells you the story.

LM totally got into his cool Nap Mat.  He slept on it, pooped  on it and vomited on it many times this week.  Each time I just threw the entire thing (minus the pillow) into the washer and dryer and Bob's your uncle, it was set for round 2 or 3 or 4 or what ever we were on!  I got the tutorial from Prudent Baby.  I made a few modifications.  The pillow is made from minky fabric and made the envelope type pillow.  I made the blanket a bit longer.  When I attached it on the side, I folded the top edge over so he has a bit of snuggle room at the top. In these pictures, the pillow is actually folded over for some reason.

(Please ignore the mess, it was hard to keep everything clean, take care of a sick kiddo, disinfect, and visit with family)  Anywho, the nap mat was a life saver for us.

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