Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tennis Sunday

What a beautiful day for tennis!  My partner managed to pull it out in 3 sets, but we won!!!! 
It was a great weekend.  We took the LM to G-Day on Saturday.  He did great!  We were a bit anxious about how he would do with all of the crowds and the noise.  We sat up high in the shade and where we wouldn't bother anyone if he had a melt down.  As it was, he happily climbed on the seat, flirted with a co-workers little girl, stole a few kisses, and clapped when everyone around him clapped.  In fact, that was the high light of his day- clapping.  I think that he thought that everyone was clapping at him!

As for Daddy and me, the best part was that we were able to carry him across campus in a backpack so our backs were not hurting at the end of the day from carrying him in our arms!

It has been a great weekend!

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