Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoes, teeth and ears- an update

New shoes again for LM.   Apparently I am a bad Mommy because I tried to shove my kids foot into shoes that are already a size too small.... it seems like we just bought them!

Teeth- well LM has worked sooo hard to get the four teeth that he has in and last night in a single SPLAT, he almost lost 'em.  He face planted on the hardwood floors in the kitchen.  Blood was all over!  By the time we had him cleaned up and had taken assessment of the damage, he had a bloody nose, a split lip, two loose front teeth and a cut in his gum.  He did figure out that ice cream makes EVERYTHING feel better !  He was still feeling the bruises this am from his fall.  But the teeth are still in!  Hopefully he didn't bang them on the playground equipment at daycare today.

Ears- nothing to say except they looked like bunny ears for a few days over Easter and now they are fine.  I am hopeful that we won't have any ear infections for the rest of the spring/summer (knock on wood).

oh and before I forget.... Glee!!!!

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  1. Oh Man! I hope he's okay! MJ fell out of his crib last weekend. Thankfully he managed to do a full head over heels flip before landing, but it was FREAKY!!! Needless to say the bumper has now been removed. And, I will admit (hangs head in shame) that I like Glee. Aaaaahhhhhh!


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