Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am three

Well we have had a busy few weeks here.  LM has been sick.  He has had a fever for EVER!  Nothing wrong with him according to the doctor, there is just some crazy fever sickness thing running crazy in his daycare.  We had it, got rid of it and are thinking that either he has it again or he is hung over from his birthday weekend. I will post picture from the party later, but until then, I wanted to pass on this neat idea I totally ripped off from pinterest.

Here is the thing, I take a ton of photos.  I make digital photo books every year (2 copies, one for LM and one for me and my husband) but I don't scrap book. I don't have a baby book for LM.  I have a xerox box with stuff thrown in it.  I understand my limitations.  I am a photographer and I kind of feel like it is a sin to cut up a print.  I just can't do it!  Have at it if that is your thing, it just isn't mine.  I figure that my legacy to my son is the photographic documentation of his and our lives.  I feel strongly about this.

I did want to do something that is a bit different and I have seen these all over the internet lately.  I am pretty skilled with technology so I though I could rip one out very simply.

Every year now that LM is old enough to talk and express verbally his very firm opinions, we are going to ask him a series of questions.  I plan on changing the questions as he gets a bit older and understands different concepts.  This year, my actual questions came from Oopsey Daisy.

Here it is:
Not too shabby huh?  I am linking it up to Skip to My Lou

Here is a sneak peak of the party... tune in next week to see more.

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