Monday, August 15, 2011

Spilled Milk

So back when LM was a wee one- a left over, half filled bottle spilled in the barely 3 minute ride from daycare to the house.  Spilled. on. the. carpet. of. the. car- milk.all.over!  Apparently the lid was not on correctly.  We all have had these accidents with those bottle caps!

Lesson learned so now ALL leftover food containers travel to and from in a plastic bag.  I know I drive daycare crazy with this quirk but what ever, I am a nice parent besides this (or at least I think I am, they might say something else about me).  So, now I kill two birds with one stone and recycle grocery bags into daycare food bags.  For the longest time I kept them in a mason jar on my counter so I could get one at any time.  This was cute, but didn't hold many bags and although I like it, I have been searching for a new container.

My temporary solution is to use one of the many wipes cases we have around the house.  However, I am not a fan of 1)the look and 2) having things unlabeled

Here is what I did-
I took some black contact paper (only color I had around)

eyeballed it and started cutting and adhering to the wipes case.
This is what I got
I now need to add a cute but yet streamline label and stuff with bags!

I know I could have gone all out and decoupaged it or painted it, but that just seemed like such a big commitment to a temporary solution.  I am the 90% completion queen and wanted to finish this and move on!

I figure that when I find my final solution I can put latex gloves in it that we keep stored in the garage.

What do you keep your plastic bags in- I want something that the LM can't get into and pull them all out!   Next week I will show you how I store my plastic bags at work!

I am linking up to Skip to my Lou again!

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  1. If you decide to move your blog into a crafty direction, I think you should rename it The 90% Completion Queen! I laughed out loud. Yes, I could have put LOL, but I REALLY hate that "phrase." It's not even a phrase people!


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