Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks and things I have learned today

Today I learned a bit more about using a program called statcounter.  I have been WAY under using it to track just the number of hits to this website and the geographical region that the hits originated from.  I spent a few extra minutes in it today and learned that I have gotten quiet a few referring links from a website called Holiday Snobs.  I went over there to check it out and it turns out that they did a little post on my Easter eggs that I mailed to some nieces and nephews.  It totally inspired her to send a gift card in and altoid tin to her MIL.  It is nice to have actually been part of someone's inspiration!  You should go on over there and check out her site.  It has lots of neat things that make me want to jump up from behind my work desk (Yes you are right, I should be working and I should not be posting now) and make some cool stuff!!!
So THANK YOU Holiday Snobs for not only sending people my way, but for also reinforcing my use of web stats!  I hope my one follower will go over to your side to check it out.

And just because it shows the joy of childhood, swings and playing with friends in the park, here is one of my favorite photos of LM.


  1. Look how big he's getting! It's me, April. I'm reentering the blogging world and am adding all of the blogs I used to follow back into my list! Check out my new one: www.stylebydaisyrose.blogspot.com

    Talk to you soon!

  2. I know he is huge! I am sure Michael is growing leaps and bounds! Welcome back. I checked out the new place and was your first follower. I should get something for that!


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