Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Back On Track

What to say, what to say.....ummmmm I am ready to get back on track?  It has been a short and filled summer since I last posted during Maymester.  In a nut shell, work was swamped this summer.  No vacay this summer so the entire time just blurred together.  I had a much heavier appointment load then anticipated, but was very successful so it was rewarding.  Fall semester has been in full swing since the middle of August, and we are moving into the first rounds of test grades.  I anticipate my work load increasing with the raised need for support that these grades will demand.  We have also had some changes in my organization that have made many people take a closer look at their work situation.

On a personal note, LM has had quiet a summer filled with Doctors.  We have been watching an eye because we thought it was crossed.  Several trips to the specialists and it turns out that we don't have a child with a crossed eye that can be fixed.  Instead, we have a child with an eye that just looks crossed and can't be fixed.  It is one of nature's optical illusions.  Apparently there are many kids out there who have nose bridges that are flat (LM's is flat but turns up in a cute pug at the end).  This flat bridge causes one or both eyes to appear to be crossed.  Hopefully as his baby face matures and grows harden angles, he will grow out of this.  For now on, we just say that it isn't crossed and that it is an illusion..... yeah right is what people are thinking in their heads :)

LM also had tubes placed in his ears.... finally.  I know I have been looking forward to the day and I tell you this is our first stretch of 30 days without an ear infection or a continued treatment for an ear infection or a complication from and ear infection.  WOOT WOOT!!!  It is interesting how much he has changed since the surgery.  Mainly because he can hear!  Silly me, I thought I had a good sleeper, it turns out that he just couldn't hear anything.  Now, his little head pops up all night like a ground hog at every noise.  He also cringes at loud noises that he might have just turned in the direction.  He also has had a word/vocabulary explosion!  This has been really cool to watch, but has made us feel like bad parents because we didn't notice how bad his hearing was.  We just got his all clear ticket where any hearing loss has now been recovered and there isn't any permanent damage!

On a personal note, I have started sewing again and taking a bit of personal time for myself.  Hubby got a transfer/promotion/change in position and is now on permanent days!  My time as a single mother are over, I just need to get in the same groove with hubby!  It has been super nice to have him around the house and LM LOVE him some DADDY!

That is it until later... seacrest out.

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