Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is what we have been doing!  The little man and I flew "up North" as they say down here to visit family from both sides.  We had a blast! 

LM did a GREAT job on the plane.  Such a good job that when we landed, people around us commented that they didn't know there was a baby sitting near them!  I was a bit nervous flying by myself with all of junk you need to take for a small child- stroller, car seat, diaper bag, and a 29lb child but we managed to do it.  As I predicted, the most painful part was getting the diaper bag, LM (who refused to walk) and the car seat down that ramp to the actual plane....pure hell.

Our time "up North" was so much fun!  LM got along great with all of his cousins, aunts and uncles and other Grandma.  It was full of meeting new play friends, playing with many LARGE dogs, exploring new play areas, feeling the cold again, and seeing tons of new and exciting things. 

Yesterday was back to the grindstone, but my spirits were lifted when I pulled out of the garage to go to daycare and LM said GO! GO! GO!.....just like when the planes took off and landed.

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