Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New shoes, new teeth but no new ears...

This was a busy weekend for the LM.  Little Man got new shoes for walking.  He got cute little white traditional baby shoes.  I love them and my husband thinks they are dorky.  I told him to go buy some cool shoes...  I am sure he will never make it to the mall with LM so I am not too worried about that. 

Little Man has two bottom teeth about a third of one top tooth and is now working on grinding a hole in his gum for the next top tooth.  He is using anything he can like a cheese grater on his gums.... the sounds are horrible!  I have found that the addition of teeth changes his entire look.

Along with the new shoes and teeth LM also has developed a new ear infection.  It is a new record as we are off of the antibiotics for two days.  Poor kid.  One more infection and we are off to an ENT.  I am sure tubes are in our future.  I understand that there are kids that have it WAY worse then us, but the teacher in me can't help but worry about speech development issues.  If he can't hear, then how is he going to develop proper speech?

On a side issue, I think I had an ear infection when I was a kid and it hindered my ability to utilize correct grammar and spelling.... what do you think?

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