Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snap Shot Memory

Do you know what a snap shot memory is?  I know you do... it is a piece of time, image, feeling, thought that you take a quick mental picture of a file it in your memory bank for ever.  I am a visual person and have several of these... sitting with my Dad just before he died, my Mom and I planting flower bulbs in the middle of winter so we had hope for the spring, my husband juggling oranges in the grocery store.... any who.... I had another snap shot memory this past Valentine's Day.

My husband and I have never had the chance to spend many Valentine's Days together due to our schedules.  Thus, this day has turned into a non-stress day for us.  We usually do cards for each other and sometimes a treat i.e. flowers, candy or a sweet but we don't stress about it.  This year things were a bit different because of The Boy.  We (TB and I) had to get together a card/treat for his daycare teachers to show how much he loves them and I have to admit that as I was cooking up their treat, I began to get into the spirit of the day!  We made some special candy and these Felt Fortune Cookies from Martha Stewart.
TB then had a good time trying to eat the cookies as I extracted them from his tiny little hands and packaged them in Chinese food take-out containers.  We used the sayings from the Conversation Hearts for the fortunes.  TB also gave out several cookies to some of the other special people in his life.... they were totally charmed.

The best part of Valentine's Day was that TH got up early with TB so I could sleep in.  My two men then proceeded to MAKE me a valentine with... get this... fingerpaint!  TH hates messes so this is crazy thoughtful and just about brought me to tears when I saw my first Mommy Valentine and that it was handmade!  I don't think TH knows how much this means to me now and probably for the rest of my life.  It was a snap shot memory to file away.

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